Sweets for the heart take center stage as we approach Valentine’s Day. Here’s an idea for how to appeal to the heart and promote heart health at the same time: bake with vegetables! 

“Eat your vegetables,” takes on a whole new flavor if you follow the recipes contained in Le Cordon Bleu pastry chef Rose Deneen’s cookbook, Baking with Vegetables. Of course, she includes some of our favorites like carrot cake. But have you ever indulged in parsnip spice cake, caramelized cauliflower chocolate brownies, rutabaga bread pudding, or beet ealnut ginger hread? Probably not, as these are recipes uniquely created by Rose Deneen and featured in her cookbook.

On this program, Rose Deneen shares some of her 50 recipes and describes how, through trial and error, she meticulously mixed together just the right combination of vegetables and other ingredients to introduce new and delicious ways to incorporate more vegetables into our daily diet. She also shares baking tips, her preferred ingredients, and favorite baking tools that make the baking process so much easier and the results a gourmet delight.

More information is available at bakingwithvegetables.com.

Happy Valentine’s, Everyone!