This a very special and also bittersweet All About Living program. First of all, April 18, 2020, is the actual 18th anniversary of the program, so it is an anniversary show celebration! However, this 18th anniversary program is also the final broadcast of All About Living. The program is retiring after an amazing 18-year run.

Carol Koby, who has been the executive producer and kost of the program since its inception on April 20, 2002, and producer Jim Bartlett look back over the 18 years and highlight some of the more significant moments in the program’s history. Over the years, All About Living has drawn from the expertise of prominent local and national leaders to present a broad array of topics of importance to the listening audience, and it has served as a communications bridge to available resources and opportunities that help people manage and expand their lives. 

Many thanks to Mid-West Family Broadcasting and the program’s many sponsors for the privilege and opportunity to bring 18 years of All About Living to the listening audience.