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Guest: Kim Litwack, PhD, RN Nurse Practitioner with Advanced Pain Management Pain is one of the most frequent complaints encountered by healthcare professionals. Almost 35% of Americans suffer from chronic pain and almost 50 million people are partially or totally disabled by it. Sadly, many people live with pain not knowing that innovative treatments to… Read more »


Guest: Amish Raval, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, UW Health Having a broken heart, as in cardiovascular disease, is the #1 killer in the United States of both men and women. Much progress has been made in treating the many forms of this disease, and the lifestyle choices we make – diet, exercise, not smoking – have… Read more »

ADDRESSING MENTAL ILLNESS AS A BRAIN DISEASE (Part 2 of a series on Mental Illness)

GUESTS: Nancy Abraham Dylan Abraham When Nancy Abraham’s son, Dylan, was diagnosed with schizophrenia 37 years ago, Nancy had no where to turn for help or support. So she began creating a support group that would envelope all the others in her same situation. Her organizational efforts began in Dane County, extended to the state… Read more »

LIVING WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA (Part 1 of a two-part series on Mental Illness)

Guests: Nancy Abraham Dylan Abraham For nearly four decades, Nancy Abraham has been a tireless voice educating the public, health care workers, and government agencies about mental illness and the need to improve services. This is because in 1974, her then teenage son, Dylan, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Dylan and Nancy Abraham share their personal… Read more »


GUESTS: Judy Stevenson, co-chair, ORCHID QUEST 2011 Heidi Whetmore, Orchid Growers’ Guild of Madison Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids, California (guest speaker) If you are on a quest for orchids, ORCHID QUEST 2011 is the place to be. For the 24th year, the largest orchid show in the Upper Midwest is coming to Madison on… Read more »