Carol with guest Adam VanSpankeren

Guest:  Adam VanSpankeren, Lead Navigator, Covering Wisconsin, Inc.

Many people are confused about the status of the Affordable Care Act. Did it get repealed? Has it changed? “The Affordable Care Act is alive and well in Wisconsin, and not much has changed,” says Adam VanSpankeren. The essential benefits mandated in the Affordable Care Act remain in tact as do the subsidies to help people pay for their health insurance premiums based on their income. 80% of those who sign up receive a subsidy to help pay for their premium.

Among the benefits, the ACA ensures people cannot be refused coverage based on pre-existing conditions, cannot be charged different prices based on their health status, and cannot have annual and lifetime caps imposed on coverage by their health insurance provider. The health insurance providers are all private insurance companies whose ACA plans can be viewed and compared on

On this program, Adam VanSpankeren does a tutorial on the ACA and walks us through a typical appointment with an individual or family wishing to sign up for health insurance on the ACA marketplace. Many free resources are available to help consumers sign up for health insurance including insurance agents, brokers, navigators, certified application counselors and health system and qualified health plan financial counselors. Consumers should call 2-1-1 to connect to free enrollment help or go online to schedule an appointment at Consumers can also shop on their own online at

For 2019 coverage, consumers must renew or sign up for coverage by December 15.


Guest:  Kaitlyn Riley, Wisconsin’s Alice in Dairyland…

Alice in Dairyland is an icon in Wisconsin. Now in her 71st year, this communications specialist, a full-time civil service employee at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, is selected each year to educate consumers about the importance of agriculture to Wisconsin’s economy and way of life.

On this program, Kaitlyn Riley, Wisconsin’s 71st Alice in Dairyland, talks about her life as Alice and showcases some of the many ideas that emerge for the holidays from our own winter wonderland. If a product is labeled “Something Special from Wisconsin,” that means at least half of its ingredients or components are grown or made right here in Wisconsin. And there is plenty to choose from. In this era of buy local, eat local, enjoy local, the choice is no greater than what we can find right here in Wisconsin.

Get in the holiday spirit as Alice in Dairyland kicks off this holiday season.


Guests:  Julia Houck, Chief Administrative Officer, Agrace; Tasha Robinson, Age at Home Care Manager, Agrace

There is new enthusiasm for aging at home. But as grocery shopping, cooking, changing the sheets and other household chores become unmanageable, or if you worry about your safety getting in and out of the shower and moving about your home because of balance, vision or hearing problems, you begin to wonder if staying in the comfort of your home is the wisest choice.

On this program, Julia Houck and Tasha Robinson discuss Agrace’s decision to move beyond Hospice and Palliative Care to provide non-medical home care in Dane County for those needing help to be able to live independently at home. They will share guidelines on what help is available that makes aging at home a viable and positive option.

More information is available at



Guests:  Sharon Weber, MD, UW Health surgeon;  Tammy Andries and Kelly Pankratz, pancreatic cancer survivors…

Considered rare, cases of pancreatic cancer are rising, even though the leading known risk factor – cigarette smoking – has been declining. It is one of the deadliest forms of cancer because symptoms almost never develop until the disease is advanced and incurable.

On this program, Dr. Sharon Weber, takes us through the symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment options available today for pancreatic cancer. Progress has been made as is evident in two survivors of pancreatic cancer who join Dr. Weber.

Listen to the personal stories of Tammy Andries, diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer 13 years ago, and Kelly Pankratz, a recent survivor diagnosed in April of 2018.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. For more information, go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network,


Guest:  Margaret George, New York Times best-selling author

Carol with Margaret George

Renowned author, Margaret George, is an Ancient Rome fanatic and has been studying the life of Nero for thirty years. Next week, her second and final book on Nero, THE SPLENDOR BEFORE THE DARK, will be released. It picks up on the first book released in 2017, THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO, and tells the story of the final years of Nero’s life as he faced his biggest challenge, the Great Fire of Rome.

On this program, Margaret George shares her fascination with Nero, often considered one of history’s “bad boys,” and talks about her own remarkable career as one of America’s most revered historical novelists.

Margaret George will be speaking at two events in Madison:
Wednesday, November 14, 6:00 PM – Wisconsin Book Festival
A Room of One’s Own Bookstore (in conversation with Professor Barry Powell)
315 W. Gorham St. – Madison

Thursday, December 6, 7:00 PM – Mystery to Me Bookstore
1863 Monroe St. – Madison