THE TRUE COST OF AGING: The Wisconsin Elder Economic Security Standard Index

Guests: Eve Galanter, Chair
Johanna Hatch, Administrator & Project Coordinator

Learn about the new Wisconsin Elder Economic Security Standard Index, a tool that accurately reflects the real cost of aging in place today. Wisconsin is a pilot state for the application of this Elder Index, where decision-makers now have available to them on a county-by-county basis the current costs of housing, health care, food, transportation and other essentials for persons over 65. This updates the 50-year-old formula that has caculated the federal poverty level and will have great impact on shifting and adjusting programs to match what is needed for elders to achieve economic security. More information is available at, or call 608-255-9809.

Women Collaborate For Professional And Personal Growth

Guests: Dr. Joy Rice, President, TEMPO International
Sonja Patterson, Past-President, The Business Forum
Donna Beestman, President, Career Success Strategies, LLC

As women’s role in business and as community leaders continues to grow, complacency is not an option for professional women. Three successful women describe the experiences they encountered on their professional journey and highlight the Conference they are presenting in Madison, May 21-22, which will give business leaders important tools and connections to succeed in these uncertain times.


An Historian’s View Of President Woodrow Wilson

Guest: John M. Cooper, American history professor at UW-Madison and author, Woodrow Wilson: A Biography

John Cooper is considered the foremost authority on Woodrow Wilson in the country.In his new Wilson biography, Professor Cooper introduces us to the man who became America’s 28th President, detailing the circumstances of his life that molded who he was and how he functioned. In this program, you’ll get to know Woodrow Wilson, the man – his background, struggles, accomplishments, loves, health crises, and disappointments. How does a person become President of the United States? Woodrow Wilson’s life is one example of what it takes.

Champions Of Women’s Health

Guests: Dr. Gloria Sarto, Professor Emeritus, OB/GYN, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
Myron Gadke, Mobile Imaging Manager, Marshfield Clinic
Saturday, May 1st, the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation will honor 8 recipients as 2010 Champions in Women’s Health at their 11th annual Spring Gala
at the State Capitol. Dr. Gloria Sarto and Myron Gadke are two of the awardees. On our program, Dr. Sarto shares some of her vast experience as a pioneer and leader in the women’s health movement.

She highlights the journey women’s health has undertaken from the Supreme Court ruling which allowed married women to use birth control pills in 1962 to the gender differences in health issues that have since been uncovered. Her advice: continued access and advocacy. Mryon Gadke joins the conversation describing how the mobile imaging program he developed at the Marshfield Clinic has delivered mammogram and bone density screenings to thousands of Wisconsin women in underserved rural areas.

For information about the Spring Gala, visit or call 1-800-448-5148.

Wisconsin Donates Life And Welcomes The U.S. Transplant Games

Guests: Trey Schwab, Outreach Coordinator, UW Health Organ Donation Program
Krista Flanagan, Co-Chair and Event Manager, 2010 National Kidney Foundation U.S. Transplant Games

Trey Schwab, a former Marquette University basketball coach and a double-lung transplant recipient tells his story of being diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease and his 25-month wait for a double-lung transplant which saved his life. Krista Flanagan describes the Olympic-style U.S. Transplant Games which Madison will host this summer – the first time ever in Wisconsin.
Go to to register as an organ donor, and to learn more about the U.S. Transplant games being hosted for the first time in Madison July 30 – August 4. This new online Organ Donor Registry now gives all Wisconsin residents a legally-binding opportunity to give the Gift of Life.