Learn To Live Green

Guests: Rachel Tatge, Isthmus Marketing Coordinator and Kelly Starr-King

What’s it like to “live green?” You’ll find out Saturday, April 17th at Monona Terrace, when Isthmus Publishing Company fills Monona Terrace with ways to answer that question. In addition to vendors and demonstrations, help celebrate the “green wedding” when Kelly Starr-King and Mike Drake are married at the conclusion of the day-long event.

Attorney Wayne Wilson: Planning For The Rest Of Your Life

Wayne Wilson, Wilson Law Group, shares his legal experience in estate planning – outlining the complexities of current estate tax law and advising listeners about the Advance Directives necessary to to help you maintain control of your life, all of your life. What you do legally affects your life and your legacy.

Meals On Wheels: On the Move to Fight Senior Hunger

Meals on Wheels provided at noon by Home Health United and in the evening by Independent Living feed hundreds of area seniors and people with disabilities every day who otherwise would not have a balanced meal. Senior Hunger is a growing disease in America.

Guests Linda Lane from Independent Living and Christi Archer and Scott Sanders from Home Health United discuss the specifics of their Meals on Wheels programs and how they impact the bigger picture of fighting senior hunger and promote wellness.

Julia Bolz Tells Her Compelling Story – “Journey With An Afghan School”

“Engage, Educate and Empower.” That is the message Julia Bolz delivers when she tells of her plight to eradicate poverty by educating children, mostly girls, in Afghanistan and other undeveloped countries around the world. Julia Bolz’ organization Ayni Education International will continue to build, expand and maintain schools and teacher training centers in Afghanistan

More information on her work is on www.aynieducation.com.

St. Mary’s Foundation And The Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit Are Saving Lives

Guests: Joan Beglinger, V.P. Patient Services, St. Mary’s Hospital
Diane Buss, Director, St. Mary’s NICU
Peter Schmeling, St. Mary’s Foundation

The chance for life for high-risk births is literally in the palm of the hands of the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital. Merrill Lynch has recognized this by selecting the St. Mary’s Foundation and NICU to be the charitable recipients of their Grand Gala Benefit on Friday, May 7th.

For more information on the NICU and Grand Gala, go to www.stmarysfoundation.org.