June Is Dairy Month: Meet Alice In Dairyland

Guest: Cheryl O’Brien, 62nd Alice in Dairyland

Promoting Wisconsin’s $59.16 billion agricultural industry is big business, and one of agriculture’s most recognizable spokespersons is Alice in Dairyland, a full-time public relations professional with the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Behind the wheel of a Flex Fuel Tahoe, Cheryl O’Brien has covered the state and beyond this past year, educating the media, youth and audiences of all ages about the many facets of the economic and health impact of our state’s agricultural and dairy industry. Hear her tips for Drinking Healthy, Eating Local, Going Green and Boosting Wisconsin’s Economy.

Hmong History And The Vietnam War

Guest: Yer Vang, President, Wisconsin Asian Bar Association

Honoring Vietnam veterans would not be complete without recognizing the important role of Hmong veterans who fought on the side of the United States in The Secret War in Laos. Wisconsin is now home to the third largest population of Hmong people in the United States. Enlightening us on the Hmong history and culture and how Hmong soldiers were secretly enlisted to help the United States along the critical Ho Chi Minh Trail is Yer Vang.

Loving Frank Comes To Life At Taliesin

Guests: Kieran Murphy, Historic Researcher/Creator, Loving Frank Tour
Margaret Ingraham, Reader
Building on the best-selling book, Loving Frank, Kieran Murphy and Margaret Ingraham take us back to the days when Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney moved from Chicago to Spring Green where Frank designed and built Taliesin – the beautiful home and setting where they would spend their life together. Both married to other people, their adultress relationship endured the controversy and grew as Taliesin continued to emerge as the “shining brow” on the crown of the hill. It ended abruptly with the murders of Mamah and six others and the fire.
Loving Frank Tours are now being offered at Taliesin. For more information, go to www.taliesinpreservation.org or call 608-588-7900.

THE TRUE COST OF AGING: The Wisconsin Elder Economic Security Standard Index

Guests: Eve Galanter, Chair
Johanna Hatch, Administrator & Project Coordinator

Learn about the new Wisconsin Elder Economic Security Standard Index, a tool that accurately reflects the real cost of aging in place today. Wisconsin is a pilot state for the application of this Elder Index, where decision-makers now have available to them on a county-by-county basis the current costs of housing, health care, food, transportation and other essentials for persons over 65. This updates the 50-year-old formula that has caculated the federal poverty level and will have great impact on shifting and adjusting programs to match what is needed for elders to achieve economic security. More information is available at www.wiwomensnetwork.org, or call 608-255-9809.

Women Collaborate For Professional And Personal Growth

Guests: Dr. Joy Rice, President, TEMPO International
Sonja Patterson, Past-President, The Business Forum
Donna Beestman, President, Career Success Strategies, LLC

As women’s role in business and as community leaders continues to grow, complacency is not an option for professional women. Three successful women describe the experiences they encountered on their professional journey and highlight the Conference they are presenting in Madison, May 21-22, which will give business leaders important tools and connections to succeed in these uncertain times.

To learn more about FACING CHANGE: WISCONSIN LEADERS COLLABORATE!, go to www.tempointernational.org or www.thebusinessforum.org