Revive and Thrive: Building On Core Principles

Kathleen Paris, Ph.D., management consultant and facilitator for strategic planning and leadership development. Author of THE CLOVER PRACTICE: STAYING HEALTHY IN SICK ORGANIZATIONS. Kathleen talks about her book and the principles she promotes that boost employee engagement, innovation and focus.

Information on her free March 8th Workshop, “Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life” and this summer’s “Women’s Executive Retreat” is available on her website:

Mark Underwood – President, Quincy Bioscience, Madison

“Play now, pay later” is the new mantra describing the long-term effects of brain injury. Injuries and aging are both major risk factors for memory loss and dementias as we age. Discussing what we know and what we can do to maintain brain health is Mark Underwood. Mark also offers listeners an opportunity to participate in the Madison Memory Study.

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